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Tips to Create the Most Effective Step and Repeat Backdrop

Building brand awareness and exposing your brand to a wide range of audience is one of the
most crucial actions you can take. In case you do not know who, you are, they are not likely
to avail your services or buy your goods.
One of the best ways to build brand awareness is by using an effective step and repeat
. It is something that shows off the logo of your brand and reminds people that
your brand exists.
However, to get noticed and remembered, you need to make sure you are creating an
attractive custom step and repeat backdrop.

Choose the Right Size

When you are designing a step and repeat banner, you have to plan for the right size. You
can get them in different sizes to accommodate your design. As these banners play the role
of a photo backdrop, they have to be large enough that they extend above and to the side
for people to take a photo. You do not want the side or top edges of your banner to show in
A good rule of thumb is to make it 8 feet tall. The height usually offers enough space above
the head of people, considering the women are average 5 feet tall, while men are 5 feet 9
inches, tall. To choose the right width, consider if guests are likely to click as individuals,
larger groups, or couples. You want the banner to be wide enough to serve as a background
for everybody present in the photo.

Get Logo in the Right Size

One question that you will often run into is how big a logo should be on the step and repeat
backdrop. You can err too far when sizing the logo in either direction for the banner. This is
also true for trade show table covers and other trade show exhibits. On the other hand,
logos that are too big can get covered by people clicking the photo. So, it’s best that your
logos are small enough that you can include a few hole logos and large enough to be
There is no one-size-fits-all solution for step and repeat backdrops since many factors can
have an influence on the size. For instance, more intricate logos have to be large enough to
be legible, while simple logos can be small enough. It is also important that you consider the
distance between the banner and the photographer. In case you are creating a large banner
suitable for group photos, your photographer might have to stand farther back.

Add Enough Space Between Logos

Apart from the size of the logo, you have to think through the logo spacing. Step and repeat
backdrops might look busy when you cram too many of them with too little space in
between. Also, it makes it appear like the logos are bleeding together. Hence, it becomes
difficult to see logos separately.

    Surely, too much space between logos means people will end up with blank space around
    the banner in a photo instead of your logo. When you add enough space between logos that
    distinguish them from one another and keep the brand logos close enough that you get a
    pattern appearance and notice logos around people in pictures.

    Add High-Resolution Images

    In case you want the design to look crisp and clear on a promotional tool, including custom
    printed table covers and step and repeat backdrops, you have to start with adding high-
    resolution images. The resolution of the image refers to the number of DPI that make up the
    image. Lower image resolution can give a grainy appearance when the banner is printed. A
    higher DPI ensures your image stays sharp even if it is enlarged.
    Generally, you want to shoot in 100-200 DPI.

    Select Contrasting Colors

    When you choose colors for the background and logo for the step and repeat backdrop,
    ensure you are choosing contrasting colors. If you don’t, your logos will not pop. For
    instance, red logos on a pink color background are going to fade into the backdrop. It is
    better to go for a light blue or off-white background. In case the logo appears in specific
    colors, make sure that you stick to that color and select the right background color to go
    with it.
    When you are printing a step and repeat backdrop for your business, you have to follow a
    few tips to make them effective. Click to find out about these tips.

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