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The Monster Hunter Rise – Basarios Weakness

In the ever-expansive world of Monster Hunter Rise Basarios Weakness (MHR), each monster presents a unique challenge for hunters. Among the formidable creatures is Basarios, a rock-covered wyvern that demands strategic planning and a keen understanding of its weaknesses. In this article, we’ll delve into the specifics of Basarios, exploring its weaknesses, strengths, and offering valuable insights for hunters seeking to conquer this beast.

Understanding Basarios

Appearance and Behavior 

Basarios is a member of the Gravios species, characterized by its rocky exterior that serves as both armor and camouflage. This wyvern is known for its deceptive appearance, often resembling a cluster of rocks or ore until it reveals its true form. Basarios tends to inhabit rocky terrains and volcanic regions, making encounters with this monster both challenging and visually striking.

Attacks and Patterns 

To effectively tackle Basarios Weakness hunters must familiarize themselves with its attacks and behavioral patterns. Basarios employs a mix of physical charges, tail swipes, and the infamous gas attack, which can inflict status ailments. Learning to anticipate these moves is crucial for survival and successful hunts.

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Basarios Weaknesses

Elemental Weaknesses 

Understanding Basarios’ elemental weaknesses is key to devising a potent strategy. In Monster Hunter Rise, Basarios is most susceptible to water-based attacks. Equipping weapons or armor that exploit this weakness can significantly enhance a hunter’s damage output during the confrontation.

Physical Weaknesses

In addition to elemental weaknesses, Basarios has specific physical vulnerabilities. Targeting its underbelly, a less protected area, proves to be more effective. Utilizing weapons with cutting or piercing attributes against this weak spot can expedite the hunt.

Status Ailment Vulnerabilities

Basarios, like many monsters in Monster Hunter Rise Basarios Weaknes, is susceptible to certain status ailments. Poison and paralysis are particularly effective against this wyvern. Hunters equipped with weapons or tools that inflict these ailments can gain a significant advantage, creating openings for attacks and minimizing the threat posed by Basarios

Strategies for Hunting Basarios

Loadout Recommendations

To maximize the chances of success against Basarios, hunters should carefully choose their equipment. Water-based weapons, such as those imbued with water elemental damage, are highly recommended. Additionally, armor sets that provide resistance against Basarios’ attacks can enhance survivability during the encounter.

Patience and Observation

Patience is a virtue when facing Basarios. Observing its movements, recognizing attack patterns, and identifying moments of vulnerability are essential for a the secret of being successful hunt. Rushing into battle without a clear understanding of Basarios’ behavior may lead to unnecessary risks and setbacks.

Environmental Utilization

Given Basarios’ preference for rocky and volcanic environments, hunters can strategically use the surroundings to their advantage. Leading Basarios into areas with environmental hazards or obstacles can create openings for attacks while minimizing the risk of counterattacks.


Q1: What is Basarios’ primary weakness?

A: Basarios is most vulnerable to water-based attacks. Equipping weapons with water elemental damage is highly recommended for effective hunts.

Q2: Are there any physical weak points on Basarios?

A: Yes, the underbelly of Basarios is a less protected area and serves as a significant physical weakness. Hunters should focus their attacks on this vulnerable spot.

Q3: Which status ailments are effective against Basarios?

A: Basarios is susceptible to poison and paralysis. Hunters can exploit this weakness by using weapons or tools that inflict these status ailments.

Q4: What armor should hunters wear when facing Basarios?

A: Hunters should consider wearing armor sets that provide resistance against Basarios’ attacks. This enhances survivability during the encounter.

Q5: Is it advisable to engage Basarios in open areas or confined spaces?

A: Engaging Basarios in areas with environmental hazards or obstacles can be advantageous. Hunters can use the surroundings strategically to create openings for attacks.


In the dynamic world of Monster Hunter Rise, mastering the weaknesses of formidable monsters like Basarios is essential for successful hunts. By understanding its elemental and physical vulnerabilities, implementing effective strategies, and utilizing the environment to their advantage, hunters can emerge victorious against this rocky wyvern. So, gear up, sharpen your weapons, and embark on a thrilling adventure to conquer the challenges posed by Basarios in Monster Hunter Rise.

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